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Assault and battery are two intentional torts that can be the subject of a personal injury lawsuit. They are two separate crimes, but assault and battery often occur together. In assault and battery cases, the victims sue the perpetrator for civil damages. Assault is defined as the act that causes a fear of imminent harmful or offensive touching. However, episodes of assault can also occur without any kind of physical contact. Battery is defined as the act of intentional physical contact. Acts of offensive touching are also classified as battery where the victim has not given consent to be touched. If you are facing an assault and battery charge in Florida, or if you have been a victim of assault and battery, get in touch with an Okaloosa County Assault & Battery Lawyer of Florida Criminal Defense Legal Group, PLLC. You can call (850) 423-0035 to speak with an Assault & Battery attorney in Florida Panhandle. We also provide services in Jefferson County and Madison County.

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