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Laws that concern the use of drugs or alcohol in the possession of a minor are known as minor in possession laws. These laws are enforced whether or not the minor was actually using the drugs or intoxicating substance or was just in possession of them. A minor below the legal age can be convicted of Minor In Possession charges even if they have unopened cans or bottles of beer or alcohol in their possession. However, these laws do not apply in cases where the minor consumes or uses the drug or alcohol with the permission of their legal guardian or parent at home. Attorneys at the office of Stephen G. Cobb in Okaloosa County, FL, have handled numerous cases and defended minor in possession charges. Call us at (850) 423-0035 to discuss your case with an Okaloosa County Minor In Possession Lawyer. Florida Criminal Defense Legal Group, PLLC also serve other areas in Florida including Jefferson County, Madison County and Florida Panhandle.

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