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There are a lot of criminal charges and a lot of criminal trials, but sexual battery is a charge that could alter your entire life. Without proper representation from an Orange County sexual battery attorney, you could be in for a big surprise when enter the courthouse in Orlando. There are several things that you need to understand before you take the plunge into criminal prosecution.

For starters, you’ll want to understand that actual definition of sexual battery as it pertains to Florida law. In Florida, sexual battery refers to any non-consensual sexual conduct between 2 or more people. It can also refer to any consensual or non-consensual sexual conduct between an adult and someone under the age of 18. There is also a penalty for sexual battery in Orange County although it is not a uniform penalty. Each case is different and requires different penalties. Variables that come into play are the victim’s age, the relationship between the victim and the suspect, and whether or not he victim was handicapped. Other factors include:

  • Threatening the victim
  • Drugging the victim
  • Using a weapon
  • Not allowing any resistance from the victim
  • Being a member of law enforcement

All of these play a major role in any criminal trial for sexual battery. They also underscore the necessity of a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Orange County. One of the reasons that a professional defense lawyer is so vital is that they will have a keen understanding of everything related to sexual battery and any judicial proceedings associated with that charge. Obviously, you technically have three options when it comes to legal defense:

  • Representing yourself
  • Allowing a public defender to represent you
  • Choosing an Orange County sexual battery attorney

The problems with representing yourself are often self-evident. Unless you have an extensive background in criminal law, you’re likely not going to be able to provide any expertise to your defense. A public defender brings up certain issues as well. They are often not as devoted to your individual case because they’ve got a dozen or more other cases to deal with simultaneously.

You also need to take into account the possible penalty for sexual battery in Orange County. Prison time is an obvious consequence of sexual battery if convicted, but a devoted defense attorney can provide you with the knowledge and devotion required to limit the sentence. In some cases, prison time can be increased or decreased depending on certain factors surrounding the offense. A person who has been released from jail for sexual battery who recommits the offense within five years is subject to no less than 5 years in prison. In fact, life in prison is not out of the question in certain severe instances.

Most individuals convicted for sexual battery will also have to register as a sex offender. You may even have to register after pleading guilty or taking a plea agreement. It’s important to have a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Orange County who understands the implications behind each of these penalties.

If you’re looking for adequate legal representation, then the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm has you covered. Founded in 1990 by Stephen G. Cobb, the firm has taken on cases from clients throughout the state. Cobb himself has been privy to over 10,000 cases. If you want experience on your side, then the Cobb Law Firm is an ideal choice.

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