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Osceola County, Florida is located in the center of the state and is geographically and economically linked to Orange County to the north. The county is comprised of both rural and urban locales, but the population sits at around 287,000. Osceola County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the nation, home to the county seat of Kissimmee, where any and all governmental and judicial procedures take place. If you are facing a judicial proceeding at the county courthouse in Kissimmee, you will want to have a qualified Osceola County, FL criminal defense attorney by your side. The Cobb Law Firm has helped hundreds of clients throughout the state of Florida achieve favorable outcomes in criminal cases. If you are facing a criminal charge in Osceola County, FL and you are looking for a seasoned criminal defense attorney who will provide you and your case with their undivided attention, then you’ve come to the right place.

Stephen G. Cobb received his law degree from the College of Law at Florida State University, and has continued to build upon that knowledge base over the course of his 20-year career as a criminal defense attorney. The Cobb Law Firm was founded with the goal of helping defendants navigate the criminal justice system in Osceola County, protect their rights, and obtain the best outcomes possible. It’s very rare to find a criminal defense attorney who has spent their entire career in a single field and a single location. Having done this, Mr. Cobb brings to the table a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the Florida criminal justice system. When it comes to navigating the court system and negotiating with judges and prosecutors, this gives his clients a unique and powerful advantage.

The Cobb Law Firm in Florida represents clients who have incurred a wide variety of criminal charges. An adept Osceola County criminal defense attorney from the law firm can provide legal representation for any of the following infractions:

  • Weapons and firearms charges – While there is nothing against the law about owning a gun in Osceola County, FL, there are restrictions and rules which you must abide by in order to avoid being charged with a serious crime. Whether you were found to be in possession of a firearm without a license, carrying a weapon during the commission of another crime, or providing a minor with access to a weapon, you will need to consult with a criminal defense attorney in order to review your best options moving forward with your case.
  • Assault and battery – Unlike many jurisdictions in which assault and battery are considered one offense, Florida considers assault and battery as separate charges. If you’ve been charged with one or both of these crimes, you might not even understand why or how to distinguish between the two. However, having a thorough understanding of the nature of your charges in Osceola County, FL is critical to fighting them, and this is just one way in which a criminal defense attorney can step in and help you out.
  • Forgery – Facing a charge of forgery in Osceola County, FL means facing a third-degree felony, extensive fines, and up to five years in prison. To determine whether the charge against you is legitimate and explore your options moving forward, it is critical to obtain an experienced criminal defense attorney.
  • DUI – DUI charges are common in Florida, and they can also be relatively easy to defend. Depending on the facts specific to your case, you could avoid receiving enhancements which would make your DUI a felony, or avoid the charge altogether.
  • Interference with custody – One way in which Florida law protects minor children is by establishing custody arrangements that are in their best interests, and enforcing those arrangements by criminalizing the interference of them. Interference with custody is a serious charge, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be successfully challenged by a competent criminal defense attorney in Osceola County.
  • Robbery and theft – The seriousness of robbery and theft crimes varies greatly depending on the circumstances of any given case, the value of the property that was stolen, and whether or not a weapon was involved. In order to distinguish between these crimes and obtain a good idea of the consequences you may be facing, your best step moving forward is to speak with an attorney.

Facing a judge is a stressful and mentally exhausting experience, particularly when you know that the charges against you could cost you your freedom, source of income, time with your loved ones, and reputation. The consequences of a felony conviction are life-altering, but they aren’t always unavoidable. If you equip yourself with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Osceola County, FL, then you’ll be equipping yourself with all of the tools necessary in order to defend yourself and protect your freedoms. Those who attempt to represent themselves are almost certainly bound to overlook legal technicalities and strategic approaches that could mean the difference between walking free and receiving an irreversibly damaging conviction.

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