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I have had three different law firm practice advisors, at different times. They thought I should only focus on providing good Florida criminal law legal service – to the same people over and over again. They told me it was a good thing that people get into trouble with the law time and time again, and that i could profit off of their repeated Florida Criminal Law problems. So on by one, I fired all three of them and founded One Stop Therapy instead. Here are some helpful links that explain the program:

One Stop Therapy: A Program Suitability Checklist
One Stop Therapy: A Life-Changing Program
One Stop Therapy: The Treatment Solution
One Stop Therapy: The Legal Solution
One Stop Therapy: Mental Illness Explained
One Stop Therapy: Robert’s Story

Warning: One Stop Therapy is a core part of my law practice. If you just want a “good” Florida criminal lawyer, but don’t want us to actually care about you or your loved one, don’t hire us. I will refuse to take cases where I believe someone suffers from an undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or incorrectly treated mental illness and that person is unwilling to get treatment, incompetency excluded.

UPDATE: One Stop Therapy has been substantially revised. In addition to traditional neuro-psychological testing, One Stop Therapy 2.0 now uses the services of Amen Clinics, Inc., and Life Bridge Diagnostics, Inc., to utilize SPECT brain scanning technology in order to make the most accurate diagnosis possible. The state of Florida still uses next to worthless “cookie cutter” treatment programs.

One Stop Therapy 2.0 has these new hyperlinks, in addition to the ones listed above:

History of One Stop Therapy, including problems with OST 1.0
OST 2.0: Dramatic Improvements can lead to Dramatic Results for your loved one in trouble
OST 2.0 : A Picture of a Healthy Brain – surface SPECT scan
OST 2.0: A Picture of a Healthy Brain – deep brain SPECT scan
OST 2.0: A Picture of an unhealthy brain – surface SPECT scan before and after treatment
OST 2.0: A Picture of two deep brain SPECT scans showing different treatment needs for the same symptoms
OST 2.0: Daniel’s Story – When OST 1.0 didn’t work and why OST 2.0 was created

From my earliest days as a Pensacola criminal defense attorney, to my most recent cases, I have watched too many people bounce in and out of the legal system. My core mission is to help people with their legal problems and also to help them with their lives. Most Florida criminal lawyers are trained to recycle people by their “practice managers.” In my view, this is just plain wrong.

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