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Ost: How Does It Work?

Florida criminal lawyer Stephen G- Cobb has been studying mental health issues as they relate to Florida criminal law since the early 1990’s when he was still an Assistant Public in Defender in Pensacola, Florida.

As a Pensacola criminal attorney practicing Florida state criminal law on daily basis, Mr. Cobb began to notice certain.

Florida criminal lawyer Stephen G. Cobb began to study human behavior in multi- disciplinary manner. He read or listened to literally thousands of books in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, neurology, micro-anatomy, self improvement, psycho-pharmacology, and medical papers form many related disciplines. From this, he developed a revolutionary program, One Stop Therapy.

One Stop Therapy 1.0 was a big improvement over state sponsored” cookie cutter” programs- OST was client centered, and started with a fundamental premise: Diagnosis first, treatment second. Unlike state sponsored programs that started with broad assumptions about human behavior, OST 1.0 had no political agenda: Whatever worked, worked.

Florida criminal law state sponsored programs always come laden with political baggage reflecting the belief systems of politicians beholden to political constituencies. Sometimes, the politics dictate that the patient needs to “get closer to good”, ”pull themselves up by the bootstraps”, or that “stiff sentences stop crime.” while these belief fantasies may work on Fantasy Island, it is important to remember that Fantasy Island was a television program: We live in the real would, not TV land.

OST 1.0 relied heavily upon;

  1. Neuropsychological diagnostic, testing.
  2. Treatment programs tailored to the patient, rather than the political flavor of the day,
  3. Diagnosis first, treatment second; and,
  4. Structuring, sentencing around treatment programs tailored to the individual.

OST 1.0 recognized that threatening people was less effective than treating people. In a time when “rehab” is a national joke, this was truly revolutionary.

Despite the fact that OST 1.0 was a true revolution in Florida criminal law, OST had significant problems which were addressed in 2007 with OST 2.0.

Problems with OST 1.0- an honest appraisal of why OST 1.0 did not solve the social problem of crime. Also, check out Daniel’s Story of how advances in technology made a tremendous difference in one family’s life.

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