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Florida criminal lawyer Stephen G. cob’s second incubation of one stop therapy, OST 2.0 has several key differences which he believes are not only the future of Florida criminal law, but constitutes a change in own we think about the social problem of crime itself.

Key Feature Of OST 2.0 Are:

All of the original components of OST 1.0 remain, but these changes to the one stop Therapy program are truly revolutionary-Florida criminal lawyer Stephen G-Cobb’s core mission in life is to solve the social problem of crime. One Stop Therapy will continue to be revised until we achieve this result. Many people will claim that this cannot be done. That just means they aren’t going to be part of the solution. The need for law enforcement, prosecution and defense will not simply vanish into the night. Rather, they will be transformed. Tension will always exist between citizen and government as it should, lest one abuse the other with the power of law. But Florida criminal lawyer Stephen G Cobb believes that legally abusing people because they have physical illnesses that cense them to have dysfunctional and even dangerous behavior is cruel, counter. Let us not embrace stupidly by ignoring the biological causation of dysfunctional behavior that is reasonably foreseeable and treatable. A life sentence for a repeat DUI offender after someone has been killed is too late for the victim.

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