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Florida criminal lawyer Stephen G. cob’s second incubation of one stop therapy, OST 2.0 has several key differences which he believes are not only the future of Florida criminal law, but constitutes a change in own we think about the social problem of crime itself.

Key Feature Of OST 2.0 Are:

  • EARLIER INTERVENTION: OST 2.0 starts with the bail bond process before someone is released from from country jail. A series of processing questions are asked before the defendant is released. Diagnosis and treatment become conditions of the bail bond. In Fact, the money that would go to a bail bond is often redirected to a diagnosis evaluation and treatment.
  • SPECT (single photon emotions computer tomography): while SPECT cannot replace a human being’s trained, professional judgment, SPECT adds clarity to the diagnosis process. Most patients with behavior problems are not insane to the point where they think they are Jesus, yet they experience significant behavior problems that cause them simply to need criminal defense lawyers- repeatedly. SPECT allowed trained professionals to more accurately identify brain system dysfunction rather then simply to lump large group of people into broad, meaningless categories. We have known for many years that AA works for some people, but not others. Some people, but not others. Some people respond to one type of anti-depressant but not another. Stimulant medication works for some people with attention deficit disorder, SPECT show us exactly why: quite often behavior problems with similar symptoms (depression, for example) are cansed by different areas of the brain, this requiring differing treatment modalities. Also, people often have more than one area of the brain that is not working correctly. Treating one area and ignoring another is what frustrates doctors, counselors, patients and their families: nothing seen to work for many patients, although some treatments seem to work “a little bit.”
  • ACCOUNTABILITY, DIVERSION PROGRAMS AND SENTENCING: the biggest change in OST2.0 is not the addition of SPECT brain scanning, but the accountability section. Each OST 2.0 patient will execute a limited medical release allowing ore and post trial supervisors to conform that the patients is attending appointments for diagnosis, evolution, counseling, and regarding medication. In some cases, compliance with medicine can be verified when standard blood level test are done (for example the commonly used bipolar discover treatment drug lithium requires regular blood level test as a part of standard medical safety and efficacy protocols).drug testing is a standard provision of bail bond, diversion programs and sentencing.
  • ETHICAL PARADIGM SHIFT: The paradigm of crime and punishment is replaced with a new paradigm of crime and treatment. SPECT brain scanning technology cells into question the very ethical base of a justice system based on a paradigm of crime and punishment. If state sponsored programs such as DUI School and batterer’s intervention program reduced repeat offenses by80% over a five year period, we could claim that punishment and our current counseling scheme works. The current system has failed and we all know it. Some people will tell you that”we should just lock criminals up and throw the key away”- Aside from the utter dumbness of selling money on fire (around %50%/day according the Florida Department of Law Enforcement). There is a deeper problem: Infecting cruelty upon people who have brain problems that directly cause the criminal behavior in question having the knowledge that they have brain that are not working right having the knowledge that they are usually treatable, having the knowledge that we now have the technology and the technique to solve the social the social problem of crime, begs the question of whether we are moral or merely pretenders to lighter morality. Before you read this you may have been ignorant just as I was After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. Now you know. You may be skeptical, but you are no knower ignorant. Your opinion on the issue of crime and punishment versus crime and treatment is forever altered by this knowledge.

All of the original components of OST 1.0 remain, but these changes to the one stop Therapy program are truly revolutionary-Florida criminal lawyer Stephen G-Cobb’s core mission in life is to solve the social problem of crime. One Stop Therapy will continue to be revised until we achieve this result. Many people will claim that this cannot be done. That just means they aren’t going to be part of the solution. The need for law enforcement, prosecution and defense will not simply vanish into the night. Rather, they will be transformed. Tension will always exist between citizen and government as it should, lest one abuse the other with the power of law. But Florida criminal lawyer Stephen G Cobb believes that legally abusing people because they have physical illnesses that cense them to have dysfunctional and even dangerous behavior is cruel, counter. Let us not embrace stupidly by ignoring the biological causation of dysfunctional behavior that is reasonably foreseeable and treatable. A life sentence for a repeat DUI offender after someone has been killed is too late for the victim.

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