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Pasco County Attorney: Burglary Charges And Classifications

Being charged with burglary can stem from many different causes- and may begin with nothing more insidious than simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time. In Florida, you can be charged with burglary if you:

In both of the above scenarios, it can become burglary if it can be proven that you were there with criminal intention, including criminal damaging or actually stealing something of value. The Pasco County attorney who is handling your case may try to establish the fact that you were not there to steal anything by proving that nothing was found in your possession, and that you should at most be charged with trespassing. This defense becomes less viable if while you are illegally inside of the building you:

Once you have been charged with these additional crimes, it is less likely that the Pasco County attorney could convince the prosecutor to take a plea agreement where you simply plead to trespassing. Burglary in and of itself is a first degree felony unless the above are committed in addition to the original offense. Assault could carry an additional third degree felony charge which has the possibility of five years in prison and a $5000 fine.

The more charges that can possibly be added, the more likely the prosecutor will focus on the most serious charges first- allowing for the possibility of dropping some of the lesser charges. You must act fast, and consult the best Florida criminal defense attorney for assistance.

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