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Criminal prosecution for sexual battery in Pasco County is no laughing matter. If you’re facing criminal prosecution, then you’ll want adequate legal representation on your team. You will also want to understand exactly what’s in store. In large part, the best way to go about getting representation is to opt for a Pasco County sexual battery attorney. They will be able to provide you with the knowledge and expertise that you can’t find via other options.

Of course, your other options for representation are your own ingenuity and a public defender. In most cases, you don’t want to represent yourself unless you have a keen understanding of the law and how to react in a courtroom setting. Few people have that sort of knowledge right out of the gate, and it’s important to understand that you will probably feel out of place. A public defender might seem like an inexpensive option, but they won’t always be the best option available to you. After all, you will still have to pay court fees, fines, and restitution with or without a qualified defense lawyer for sexual assault in Pasco County.

Sexual Battery And What It Means In Florida

The definition of sexual battery can vary from state to state, but, in Florida, it is generally described as any sexual contact that is not consensual. Sexual battery can also be known as the terms “sexual assault,” and “rape.” Florida also extends the sexual battery moniker to any sexual activity with a person who is 17 years of age or younger.

Additionally, the penalty for sexual battery in Pasco County can be influenced by a number of things. Obviously, the age of the victim plays a role in the trial and in sentencing. Other factors that can alter the case include:

  • Weapon usage
  • The relationship between the suspect and the victim
  • The handicapped status of the victim
  • Whether threats were made
  • Whether the ability to resist was restricted
  • Whether the victim was drugged by the suspect
  • Whether the suspect was a member of a law enforcement agency

All of these variables can make the penalty for sexual battery in Pasco County more severe. Indeed, there are really two options when it comes to penalties in Pasco County: jail time and/or sex offender registration. Again, the amount of prison time that you might receive is dependent on any of the factors listed above. If you have been released from prison for a similar crime and you are convicted of sexual battery again within five years, then you might be subject to longer prison terms (between 5 years and life).

In terms of sex offender registration, you may be required to register even if you entered into a plea agreement. A qualified defense lawyer for sexual assault in Pasco County can assist you with these charges, and, of course, any judicial proceedings that might occur. This is important because the designation of “sex offender” will never leave you, no matter where you go.

Stephen G. Cobb is a criminal defense attorney in Florida and a qualified Pasco County sexual battery attorney. He can work with you to produce a desired outcome. He can also draw from his over 2 decades of experience as a criminal defense lawyer in the state of Florida. If you’re facing prosecution, then give the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm of Florida a call today.

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