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The location of the courthouse for your Florida state criminal law case will be determined by the location of the arrest or where the incident leading to arrest occurred (federal cases are handled in different courthouses than state cases).


If the arrest or incident which led to your Florida state criminal law case was in Escambia County, then the case will be heard in the Pensacola Courthouse (aka the Escambia County Judicial Center) at 190 Government Street in downtown Pensacola, Florida.


All Escambia County, Florida state criminal law cases have felony arraignment (this is sometimes called “Plea Day” in Okaloosa County) in the downtown courthouse. The Judicial Center complex is the largest in the First Judicial Circuit.

The Escambia County Jail is located several miles from the Pensacola, Florida, courthouse and inmates are transported to the courthouse five days a week. Attorneys and lawyers from the surrounding area handle all types of cases at the Pensacola judicial center, including Florida criminal and civil law cases. Pensacola area attorneys are well aware of the security protocols at what is arguably the most secure, up to date facility in the circuit. Unlike the courthouse in Shalimar, Florida, the Pensacola facility has one entrance and security checkpoint, and everyone is searched upon entry.

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Cobb Criminal Defense Law firm maintains an office in Pensacola for your convenience. However, we have actually found that most of our clients prefer telephone appointments for most discussions concerning their legal matters. This was quite a surprise, until we factored in the cost of gas, lost time from work, daycare issues, and the time it now takes to drive even short distances in Pensacola. When Mr. Cobb was growing up in his hometown, the area where the Pensacola office is located was part of a helicopter landing field. Now, the West Nine Mile Road area (and most of the northwest part of Pensacola) is quickly developing.

Pensacola is always under some form of road construction. From Interstate 10 to Davis Highway to the I-110 Spur, many of Pensacola’s roads have been under construction for over forty years. The area’s roads, bridges and other vehicle infrastructure have never caught up to the growth, and a simple commute to the courthouse can take many attorneys and lawyers well over half of an hour. The same is true for defendant’s and witnesses, yet worse – they are often not used to fighting for free parking spaces (none of which are close to the courthouse) or paying exorbitant hourly parking rates at downtown parking lots. Most Pensacola attorneys have learned to just pay a monthly rate at the lot across from the courthouse.

Thus, for many busy local residents and most out of state residents, teleconferencing is often the only way to handle lawyer appointments due to time constraints. We can accommodate your need to meet with us in our Pensacola or Fort Walton Beach (Destin area) offices or by phone. The Internet, the fax machine and especially the telephone have dramatically changed how attorneys and clients communicate – especially in a fast growing community such as Pensacola, Florida.

Pensacola criminal defense attorney Stephen G. Cobb was born and raised Pensacola, Florida.

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