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Standing before a judge in Polk County is not something that any of its residents want to do. It’s a daunting experience that can be made even more unnerving if the charge in question is sexual battery. There are a lot of implications surrounding a sexual battery charge and only a high-quality Polk County sexual battery attorney can help you work through the case. There are also plenty of things that you should be aware of before entering the courthouse in Bartow.

The Legal Definition Of Sexual Battery In Florida

In Florida, sexual battery is defined as engaging in sexual conduct with another person who did not consent to the sexual conduct. It can also refer to any sexual conduct with a person that is 17 years of age or younger (regardless of consent). The penalty for sexual battery in Polk County is one that could stick with you for a long time. Indeed, the two major penalties are registering as a sex offender and spending time in prison. There are a number of factors surrounding the offense in question that can also contribute to the sentencing process. These factors can also be used to determine guilt or innocence in a trial:

  • The victim’s age
  • Whether the victim was handicapped
  • Whether a weapon was used
  • The relationship between the victim and the suspect
  • The suspect being a member of the law enforcement
  • Whether drugs were used to incapacitate the victim
  • Whether threats were used against the victim
  • Whether the victim’s ability or inability to resist was in question
  • The suspect’s previous conviction record

These variables play a major role throughout the trial and can determine the amount of time you spend in jail if found guilty. It’s important to have a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Polk County who understands these variables keenly. It’s also important to have a quality defense attorney because your other options are yourself or an often underpaid, overtasked public defender. If you want someone who will focus all of their energy on your case alone, then an independent attorney is of the utmost importance.

You also have to consider the potential penalty for sexual battery in Polk County. In severe cases (for instance, repeat offenders), life in prison is a distinct possibility. It’s also possible for an 18 year-old individual to engage in consensual sexual conduct with a 17 year-old individual and be forced to register as a sex offender. You may even have to register as a sex offender if entered into a plea deal. The designation of “sex offender” will never leave you, regardless of where you live. It will also affect every aspect of your life from then on.

Thus, a competent Polk County sexual battery attorney is in your best interest. Stephen G. Cobb, one such attorney, will have your best interests in mind. He has worked throughout the state of Florida since 1990, but he is certainly well-equipped to represent anyone in Polk County. If you are facing prosecution for sexual battery, then contacting the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm should be your top priority.

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