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Being accused of a criminal offense in Florida is a serious matter and has the potential to result in serious legal consequences, including fines, probation, restitution, and even jail time. Furthermore, the penalties associated for people with multiple convictions escalate very quickly, sometimes involving significant prison sentences. As a result, it is extremely important that anyone accused of a criminal offense in Florida retain legal counsel as soon as possible. In addition to retaining legal counsel, people who are facing allegations of criminal misconduct can also learn as much as possible about the legal system as possible. The links below are intended to help laypeople learn about criminal law and also recognize the importance of retaining an experienced attorney to handle any criminal matter that they may face. In the vast majority of cases, the final outcome of a criminal case is much better for people who retain legal representation that those who choose to represent themselves.  To schedule a free consultation with Florida board certified criminal trial specialist Stephen G. Cobb, call our office today at (850) 423-0035.

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Miscellaneous links

  1. The Florida Bar The agency in Florida that is responsible for the regulation of lawyers and the legal profession. The site includes information about the process through which an attorney can become licensed, minimum requirements for becoming an attorney in Florida, and information on how lawyers become board certified specialists in particular areas of law.
  2. The Florida Legislature – The official website of the Florida legislature. Includes information regarding Florida laws, publications, information about the legislative process, and helpful links.
  3. Florida Bar – Criminal Law Section The official website of the criminal law section of the Florida Bar.
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