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There are many reasons that a person might want to carry a concealed weapon, including self defense. Having a concealed weapons license will allow you to have a gun or other restricted weapon without being in violation of the laws of Florida. Certain weapons are not covered under the concealed weapons law, and are therefore exempt from the licensing requirement. These include pepper spray and non-lethal stun guns. (You should keep in mind, however, that using pepper spray to assault or attempt to elude a police officer becomes a felony in the third degree.)

Jacksonville criminal attorneys are called upon to defend their clients against charges of improperly or illegally obtaining a concealed weapon license. To be perfectly legal, you should make sure that you can satisfy the following requirements before applying for a license to carry a concealed weapon:

You must carry your concealed weapons license with you whenever you are carrying your gun. You must present it and valid photo ID whenever asked to or you will be subject to a non-criminal charge and a small fine. If there is any reason that you are in danger of having a previously issued license revoked, you will want to talk to a Jacksonville criminal attorney as quickly as possible to prevent that from happening. The concealed weapons license is good for seven years from the date it is originally issued unless it is revoked for cause.

Should you have any problems, consult with a Florida defense attorney who will be able to guide you in any situation.

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