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Located on the Treasure Coast, St. Lucie County is not known for its judicial proceedings. Still, criminal prosecution is still a very common element of law and order in the county. Facing prosecution is, of course, not on the top of anyone’s list, but that unnerving sensibility can be amplified if the charge in question is sexual battery. A St. Lucie County sexual battery attorney is your best bet for fighting any charges of this ilk.
First, however, you will likely want to understand the concept behind sexual battery. It is defined in two separate ways in the state of Florida:

  • Engaging in sexual activity with another person without their consent
  • Engaging in sexual activity with someone under 18 with or without their consent

Both of these definitions can also play a role in the potential penalty for sexual battery in St. Lucie County. The penalty is generally prison time and/or sex offender registration, and both can be amplified or enervated depending on the variables involved. Some of the variables that affect sentencing include:

  • The victim’s relationship with the suspect
  • The victim’s age
  • If the suspect used a weapon
  • Whether the victim was disabled or not

There are also certain factors that will automatically make the penalties harsher if you’re are found guilty. These variables include:

  • Threatening the victim
  • Being a repeat offender
  • Drugging the victim
  • Prohibiting resistance from the suspect
  • Being a member of law enforcement

In fact, if you’re a repeat offender and you committed the second offense within five years of being released, then you may be subject to between 5 years and life in prison. This certainly underscores the necessity of a defense lawyer for sexual assault in St. Lucie County. This becomes even more pressing when you consider that your other options are representing yourself or relying on a public defender. There are obvious issues that come up with self-representation, not the least of which is a fundamental dearth of legal understanding. Opting for a public defender is also risky in that they won’t be able to focus their attention fully on your case.
You also have to take into account the penalty for sexual battery in St. Lucie County. You may have to live the rest of your life with the designation of sex offender. You may also be forced to spend large amounts of time behind bars. A qualified defense lawyer for sexual assault in St. Lucie County will be able to mitigate both of these penalties in certain circumstances.

Stephen G. Cobb is a criminal defense lawyer with a law degree from Florida State University. He has lived and worked in the state of Florida his entire life and he understands the state’s judicial system keenly. He created the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm in 1990 to provide proper legal representation to every one of the state’s residents and visitors. If you need a St. Lucie County sexual battery attorney, then the Cobb Law Firm should be the first one you contact.

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