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If facing criminal charges for child pornography in Santa Rosa County, then you need to understand what you’re going up against. This is certainly not a charge to take lightly, and it’s probably not in your best interest to try to represent yourself in any fashion. Having an expert Santa Rosa County child pornography attorney who understands everything about your case is important.

But, you should always have a basic understanding of the crime that you’ve been charged with. Child pornography is a serious accusation, but there are certain degrees for which you can be charged. First, we need to understand the basic definition of child pornography in the state of Florida. It is essentially any form of media that depicts at least one child (17 years of age or younger) engaging in a sexual act. To be charged for involvement with child pornography, the prosecutor needs to prove that any of the following occurred:

The penalty for child pornography in Santa Rosa County is more severe in cases where it is proved that the defendant produced or promoted child pornography. The penalties are limited for possession, control, and viewing of child pornography. The minimum requirement for a charge related to child pornography is viewing a piece of media more than once. The penalty itself can include any of the following:

Having a qualified defense lawyer for child pornography in Santa Rosa County is paramount for you to come out of this with the best possible result. While it doesn’t mean that you will be proven not guilty, it’s still important to have someone on your case who can actually provide you with the insight and expertise required for a criminal trial of this sort. You do have the option of representing yourself or allowing a public defender to take up the mantle, but both of those options are often less successful than a competent Santa Rosa County child pornography attorney.

You also have to understand that the penalty for child pornography in Santa Rosa County can be rather harsh. For severe cases, it’s possible to be sentenced with up to 15 years of prison time, $10,000 in fines, and a lifetime in the sex offender registry. All of these can have a major effect on your life, and it’s important to understand that a defense lawyer for child pornography in Santa Rosa County is your best bet for achieving a better outcome.

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