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Santa Rosa County Jail

Within forty-eight (48) hours of arrest, each inmate is brought before a First Appearance judge who will determine if there is probable cause, whether bond should be set, and if so, at what amount and under what conditions. The judge is normally at the Santa Rosa County Courthouse in Milton, FL, unless it is a holiday or a weekend. Since the client here hired counsel swiftly, Mr. Cobb was able to represent him at the earliest stage of the legal proceedings.

The Santa Rosa County Jail is also known as the Santa Rosa County Department of Corrections. This facility has more online information than most other Florida jails in the First Judicial Circuit. Their jail inmate handbook is even available as a PDF file, so this can be very helpful for families wanting information about loved ones.

The Santa Rosa County, FL, jail is used for several purposes:

The Santa Rosa County Jail is used to hold inmates awaiting transfer to Immigration and Naturalization facilities, federal facilities, inpatient mental health facilities and for other purposes.

Like all jails, this facility has specific policies concerning inmate visitation, phone calls, and other matters relating to defendants and inmates being held there. For visitation, click here.
Note: This jail facility was extensively rebuilt after Northwest Florida was devastated by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. For the Santa Rosa County Jail Inmate Handbook (available as a PDF file, and rather well written), click here. NOTE: If you are visiting a loved or a friend, bring a quarter – they use lockers for ALL metal items by visitors, even car keys. For more information about inmate policies and procedures, call the Santa Rosa County Jail at (850) 423-0035.

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