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Facing prosecution anywhere is difficult. In Santa Rosa County, you might feel as though you are floundering at sea especially if you have been charged with sexual battery. There are a lot of things that you need to digest and understand so that you know what you are up against. Obviously, you could rely on yourself or a public defender to provide representation for your case, but both of those options have major disadvantages. A Santa Rosa County sexual battery attorney can provide you with the knowledge and expertise that it takes to make it through a criminal court case.

Information On Sexual Battery

One thing you will definitely want to know is the actual definition of sexual battery as it pertains to Florida law. Sexual battery is defined as the act of engaging in any sexual conduct with another person who did not consent to that conduct. In Florida, sexual battery can also be defined as the act of engaging in any sexual conduct whatsoever with a person aged 17 or younger.

As with any criminal charge, there is a penalty for sexual battery in Santa Rosa County, but it is not uniformly doled out to every person convicted of the crime. The penalties that are most likely to be incurred are prison time and sex offender registration. But, those can be amplified or lessened by any of the following variables:

  • The victim’s age
  • The relationship between the suspect and the victim
  • The suspect’s previous arrest and conviction record
  • Whether a weapon was used
  • Whether the victim was handicapped
  • Whether the suspect was in law enforcement
  • Whether drugs were used to incapacitate the victim
  • Whether the suspect threatened the victim
  • Whether the ability to resist was limited by the suspect

These all can have a major impact on the case and on sentencing. They also highlight the benefit of a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Santa Rosa County. Understanding each of these variables (along with any other attendant circumstances) is important when trying to offer legal representation.

But, you also have to think about the penalty for sexual battery in Santa Rosa County itself. Without a proper legal defender, you may be subject to the harshest penalties that the law can throw at you. For instance, it’s possible (although unlikely) for certain individuals convicted of sexual battery to be given life in prison. If the circumstances are right, a repeat offender could end up spending their entire life behind bars. Thus, it’s important to have a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Santa Rosa County who knows what they’re doing.

Additionally, Florida law dictates that anyone convicted of sexual battery may be subject to sex offender registration. Registering as a sex offender is obviously something that lasts your entire life, and the designation may be a result of a judicial error. In some cases, it’s possible for an 18 year-old who engaged in sexual conduct consensually with a 17 year-old to be forced into sex offender registration.

The last thing you want is a dearth of experience when you’re standing before a judge. What you really want is a qualified Santa Rosa County sexual battery attorney like Stephen G. Cobb. Cobb has been working in the criminal defense field since 1990. In that time, he has seen thousands of cases and he uses that experience to represent every one of his clients. If you are facing criminal charges for sexual battery, let the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm know today.

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