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Prosecutors and defense attorneys are required by Florida law to discuss settlement of all criminal cases. This is known as plea bargaining. Some plea offers may involve an offer of diversion, probation, house arrest, community control, jail, prison, or some combination.

Preparing for a plea bargain is just as important as preparing for trial: If you lose at trial, that plea offer for probation could turn into a sentence of probation and jail or prison. While some lawyers may try to ‘pump you up’ about the strength of your case when they are trying to encourage you to hire them, no lawyer can guarantee a win.

There are many reasons why someone may want to settle their case: Any reason a client believes settlement is in his or her best interest is justification to settle, but you should always strive for the best deal possible without damaging your case. If you have been accused of a first offense, then you may qualify for a diversion program which results in dismissal. However, the State of Florida is not going to offer a First Offender Diversion Program as their first settlement offer. Therefore, your legal team should be thoroughly prepared to take your case to trial and to negotiate the best possible settlement.

Types Of Settlement Services:

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Florida Misdemeanor & Felony Case Pretrial Diversion Programs

Reductions or substitutions in charge from greater charges to lesser offenses

Florida Punishment Code Departure Sentences

One Stop Therapy Program

*NOTE* First Offense Diversion Programs are rarely offered if someone has a prior criminal record, but they might be offered under some circumstances – such as Drug Court Diversion or if the case against you is weak. First offender diversion usually means first offender, first offense only.

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