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St. Johns County is known for its beauty and relaxing ethos, but it can become decidedly less calming if you have to face criminal prosecution for sexual battery. Your primary goal should be to get a St. Johns County sexual battery attorney on your legal team. Of course, this might not always seem like the most attractive option considering there are cheaper alternatives, but you should know exactly what is at stake under these circumstances. Relying on yourself or a public defender to represent you is not recommended, especially when you consider that public defenders are overworked and you probably don’t have a keen understanding of criminal law.

Defining Sexual Battery Under Florida Law

Each state has their own definition of sexual battery, but the basic idea is still the same. Sexual battery fits a broad definition of any sexual conduct with another person who is non-consenting. Many people refer to sexual battery as sexual assault or rape. It can also be used to describe any sexual conduct with another person who is under the age of 18 (whether or not willingness was there). The penalty for sexual battery in St. Johns County is similar to the penalty throughout the state. Of course, the severity of those penalties will all depend on various circumstances that surround the offense in question.

The age of the victim will obviously play a major role throughout the case, but other factors like the relationship of the victim and suspect, whether the victim was handicapped, and whether a weapon was used are all important. Other variables can amplify the penalties doled out. These variables range from being a law enforcement officer to being a repeat offender. Whether the victim was drugged, threatened, or impeded from resisting by the suspect all also play a role in sentencing and trial procedures.

Why You Need A Defense Lawyer For Sexual Assault In St. Johns County

Having a qualified defense lawyer is important for a number of reasons. You should always consider the potential penalty that you might incur. In Florida, the penalty for sexual battery is prison time, sexual offender registration, or both. Although it’s unlikely, it’s possible for the penalty for sexual battery in St. Johns County to be as much as life in prison. Of course, the right variables have to be in play, but it’s still a distinct possibility.

You also have to consider that registering as a sex offender is a lifelong commitment. It’s certainly one that you wouldn’t take on voluntarily, but it can happen to you without an adequate defense lawyer for sexual assault in St. Johns County. You may even be forced to register as a sex offender if you were 18 and engaged in consensual sexual activity with a 17 year-old.

Thus, it’s very important to put your trust in a St. Johns County sexual battery attorney. Not everyone is going to have expertise in this subject, but a criminal defense lawyer will. Stephen Cobb is a criminal defense lawyer who has worked with over 10,000 cases since 1990. The Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm of Florida will be 100% at your service if you’re in need of legal representation for sexual battery in St. Johns County.

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