Stephen G. Cobb - Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Dreeana A.

“Such a great service to go through when dealing with any legal matter! Mr. Cobb is very knowledgable and will take the time to understand and communicate with you in a timely manner.”

S S.

“Mr. Cobb is the Ultimate Professional. I placed all my faith and trust in him and he did not let me down. He kept me informed of everything that was occurring during my case and I could not be more satisfied with the final outcome. If you need a trustworthy, professional and honest attorney, Mr. Cobb is your man!”

James S.

“This is actually one of the best law firms I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. They stick with you throughout the entire process, walking you through every step and they know the law! They were able to help me get out of a situation that had occurred because of a technicality and was very knowledgeable in the process. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Joshua T.

“Everything was great and smooth working with Mr. Cobb. He was fast and efficient and answered any questions I had.”

Crystal H.

“I would recommend Attorney Cobb to others. I would describe him as an honest and straightforward lawyer. All my concerns were addressed.”

Joseph S.

“He was excellent, he did everything without me having to do much especially not living close. I hired him and told him everything and he did it all and it was a great experience. The legal assistant that works there was also amazing.”

James S.

“He knew exactly what the problem was and how to fix it. I explained it all and he knew right off the bat how to fix it. I was always able to get in touch with him.”

William S.

“It was as clean of a process as it could have been for me. He handled everything for me because I live out of state and made it so simple and easy. He was great and thorough and I hardly had to do anything.”

Lonnie M.

“If you can hire Stephen as your attorney then definitely do that. He talked openly and gave me assurance and even his legal assistant that works there is amazing. I never had any problems or trouble with them.”

A Satisfied Client

“I absolutely felt comfortable. I was consistently updated when anything happened and if I ever had questions, they were always more than willing to help. I would describe my experience as easy and painless. Once I gave Mr. Cobb all the information he needed, I barely had to do anything. Before I knew it, the case was over and I was back to work. Highly recommended!”