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A Satisfied Client

“He did an awesome job, I’ve used him like 3 times and he made everything disappear each time, and he did a great job. He kept me in the loop every step of the way. He’s really great.”

A Satisfied Client

“It’s been a little while, but I was really pleased with everything, didn’t have any problems. He handled my case out of state so I didn’t have to do much and he handled everything. He was very open and communicated well.”

A Satisfied Client

“We were happy with everything. He communicated very well and he was kind and easy going. Overall a great experience.”

A Satisfied Client

“He was good, he was available, and attentive. He communicated well with me.”


“I have used other lawyers in the past. I was facing years but left court with probation and a suspended sentence. Thank you and god bless you.”


“Even though I did not hire him, I wish I did”

A Brand New Client

“Mr. Cobb, Just a quick note to let you know that I appreciate your taking my case, and the material above and websites let me know that I have chosen wisely in an attorney. I own four of the books on your list and will begin rereading them and the rest tomorrow. With all that has happened to me from my stint in the military through the car accident and beyond, I don’t think I’d have made it this far without all the self help books I have read. They have helped me immensely through the years. I am confident that you are by far the best attorney for… Read More

A Criminal Defense Client

“We cannot thank Mr. Cobb enough for helping our son. Our son was away at college and we had to choose an attorney long distance. I believe our choice saved our son’s life. On Mr. Cobb’s advice, we had our son tested for medical and psychological problems and through these tests were able to help him. Mr. Cobb was able to deal with the charges and get our son on an intervention program instead of jail time. He influenced our son is a very positive way and helped him through a very difficult time. Mr. Cobb is truly a godsend… Read More


“Mr. Cobb worked very well to take care of the situation. He’s very professional, knowledgeable, and stays as proactive as his clients. The only suggestions that I would make is to have more YouTube videos for the law firm. Under the initial consultation, if you don’t record the conversation, you could always have the videos to refer back to. I suggest this to save time, and ease communication and worry. He has videos on YouTube, but not many. However, there is a ton of information on the website that you can and should go back to for guidance. If you… Read More


“Mr. Cobb is a great attorney in Fort Walton Beach, FL. His specialty is criminal defense. He is very cool, calculated, punctual, to the point, and knows what he is talking about. He focuses on his cases one at a time giving attention to detail and does not get caught up in the chaos that many layers do when they try to take on too much at once. Mr. Cobb is very matter of fact and will be the first to tell you that he is not there to make you feel like everything is okay…his job is to get… Read More