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“I was falsely accused of a crime that if I had been convicted of I would have been looking at 15 years in prison. Even though I had passed two polygraph tests and had DNA results that proved my innocence, I was still arrested. The judge that had me arrested was not aware of the polygraph test or the DNA results that proved I was innocent. Before I was arrested we were contacted by 2 law firms seeking money. After the arrest this became a high profile case and was in every newspaper and on every radio station within a… Read More


“I recently moved to Florida and was pulled over and cited for D.U.I. Mr. Cobb represented me in my defense of this charge. I chose Mr. Cobb because of the amount of time he spent discussing my case pro-bono before I ever even became his client. He took time to discuss all of my options and the probability of my successful defense of the charges before I ever committed to him as a client. He was extremely thorough in my defense and completely on top of everything. Inside the 10-day appeal window, he was able to get me a temporary… Read More


“Mr.Cobb is an outstanding defense lawyer. He has the expertise to use only the necessary facts needed to get the best results not filling the courtroom with hot air, just the information to get the point across and he does that better than anyone I’ve ever seen. We cannot thank him enough. If you are in need of the best look no further!Thanks to Mr.Cobb we have our life back.”


“Mr. Cobb was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He has extensive knowledge concerning Brain Imaging Scans. I have a family member who has had a serious drug problem for many years nothing worked, until I found Mr. Cobb. His knowledge, experience, and honesty has made a tremendous difference in this case. I normally do not have such a wonderful experience with lawyers, until now.”


“My significant other actually started the process of hiring Mr. Cobb, so his office actually contacted me. Though I felt quite bewildered by my circumstances at the time, the attention to detail provided by Mr. Cobb himself, his staff, his website, and the subsequent information I gained from his recommended media helped me tremendously in a time of great doubt. Mr. Cobb’s very good at what he does, and I was given that impression from the start. He and his staff helped return my girlfriend back home, my confidence, and my life back to normal. No more anxiety, trouble, or… Read More


“I needed a lawyer 14 years ago for some trouble I’d gotten myself into with my drinking. I wanted to straighten out my legal issues, but also wanted to straighten out my life. That would demand I adopt a lifestyle based upon rigorous honesty. My wife and I picked Stephen Cobb to represent me, not only because of his stellar reputation as an attorney, but because of his principles, which has inspired me to remain true to my own.”


“Mr. Cobb successfully resolved my case, prior to jury selection, through progressive negotiation with the Prosecuting Attorney. In the end, he provided the Prosecuting Attorney with a written statement that included the salient facts and sequence of the arrest, and a supported argument that the officer in fact had no grounds to arrest me, and therefore I could not be charged with resisting arrest. Mr. Cobb makes use of a comprehensive four day report, completed by the defendant, to determine the most effective course of action in winning a case. He also provides assistance to the defendant in the form… Read More

Gene and Family

“Mr. Cobb and Associates, my family and I want to express our gratitude for your dedication when it came to our son’s case. We had no knowledge of where to solicit local, Okaloosa County, trust worthy professional legal counsel. After reading through reviews we chose to place our faith in Mr. Cobb and Associates. Mr. Cobb the faith you placed in our son and your ability to demonstrate your faith in our son to the court was instrumental in the court-granting leniency. Mr. Cobb has expertise and wit. He has the respect of the Okaloosa County judicial system. He uses… Read More


“I was very fortunate to have rendered Mr. Cobbs service . Due to multiple DUI’s I was facing a substantial amount of jail time. One of Mr Cobbs request is that I go to Amen clinic for Brian imaging. Not only was this a tremendous help for me it also was a major contributor in my jail sentences. I also would like to thank Janice for her hard work and constant communication over the few months. I highly recommend Mr. Cobb.”


“I ended up in a bad set of circumstances because of a State Driver’s License computer error. I am a CDL holder so protecting my license status and not having a criminal record is vital my ability to drive & earn an income. Mr. Cobb was EXTREMELY knowledgeable in traffic & criminal law and was able to come up with the best route to win the case. He represented me tenaciously against the State of Florida and the case was dismissed. I could not be any more thankful that I had the opportunity to be represented by Mr. Cobb.”