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What Makes It Domestic Violence?

Violence is everywhere. We cannot pick up a newspaper or watch the news without seeing at least one act of violence. While all violence is wrong, it can be even more devastating when a loved one is the one committing the violence against you. Violence that happens repeatedly with someone you are just dating, barely know or even someone you know very well is wrong and should be handled by the court system. If you are the victim of any type of violence, consult Tampa criminal law attorneys for advice on what your next step should be.

Violence becomes domestic violence when it is perpetrated by a family member, or member of the same household which could include: spouse, former spouse, living partner (even same sex partners qualify) blood relations, those related by marriage and those who share a child (whether they have ever lived together or not). Dealing with domestic violence can often require needing an injunction for protection. If you feel that it is needed, Tampa criminal lawyers can guide you through the process which can either be a civil (non-criminal) case.

If the abuser violates the order or is arrested for domestic violence for any reason, he/she will be held for 24 hours without bond until taken for an advisory hearing. The abused party will be notified of what is going on as well.

If you are found guilty of domestic violence the possible punishments include the potential for jail, probation, counseling, batter’s intervention programs and you must pay court costs, fines and possibly restitution to the victim. If you are served with an injunction of protection during this process, make sure that you comply with the order completely or you can face additional charges.

Tampa defense lawyers handle domestic violence cases every day and can help you to either protect yourself against further abuse or in the case of the accused abuser, help them find a fair resolution to the case they are facing.

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