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Tampa Attorney: Protecting You From Losing Your Car

Think about this situation: You and your boyfriend are out at a party in your hometown of Tampa, Florida. You both have been angry with each other for a few days beforehand and in response, he drinks more than he probably should. He takes the keys from your purse and drives off in a huff, crashing into a tree a few blocks down the road. He gets a DUI conviction, his third, and he is being sentenced, but that is the least of your problems right now. You have just been served notice that you are about to lose the one and only car that you own – or at least will own when you finish paying for it. You are faced with the impounding of your vehicle through no fault of your own. It is time to call a Tampa attorney who may be able to offer you advice and possible ways to avoid losing your vehicle.

The first thing that your Florida drunk driving lawyer will want to do is establish permission. Did you give the keys to your boyfriend or did he simply grab them without your knowledge? Of course, the answer to that may not be as simple as a yes or no. The prosecutor will ask if he had driven your car before, and did he always have access to your keys. Did you live together or were you just beginning a relationship? Did you ever allow him to drive your car without you being with him? All of these questions may be asked of you and can impact whether or not your car is impounded or not.

The next thing the Tampa attorney will want to establish is whether or not you exercised due caution with the keys and your car in general. Did you lock it when you arrived at the party? Did you keep your purse with you all of the time or did you leave it unattended at all? This might establish a pattern of negligence which the prosecutor may say shows that you were permissive with your car and belongings and that you intended to allow him to drive.

Finally, you may need to bring forth witnesses that can show that you either were unaware of your boyfriend leaving with your car or that you tried to stop him before he drove off. A good Tampa attorney may be able to keep you from losing your car in this case, a punishment that you do not deserve.

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