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When facing criminal prosecution in Taylor County, you will obviously feel under the gun. It is a situation that is not enviable in the least bit, but it is also something that can be inevitable for some people. If you’re facing criminal charges for or have been arrested for sexual battery, then you need to understand your rights. You need to have a plan of action, and the best place to get that is from a qualified defense lawyer for sexual assault in Taylor County.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to equip yourself with some knowledge beforehand. One of the things that you will need to understand is the definition of sexual battery. In Florida, sexual battery is defined as the act of engaging in sexual conduct with another person who did not consent to the conduct. It can also be applied to any sexual contact with a minor (under the age of 18) with or without their consent. The penalty for sexual battery in Taylor County usually boils down to jail time and sex offender registration. The jail sentence can be amplified depending on certain variables. Obviously, age plays a large role in determining the penalty. The relationship between the suspect and the victim can also be important. Other variables include:

  • The use of drugs to incapacitate the victim
  • The use of a weapon
  • Whether the victim was handicapped
  • Threatening the victim
  • Being a member of law enforcement
  • The criminal past of the suspect
  • Prohibiting the victim from resisting

Any or all of these can shift the ultimate ruling, and this certainly makes a case for adding a Taylor County sexual battery attorney to your legal team. Of course, your other choices in this regard are a public defender and yourself. If you feel confident in your ability to offer yourself adequate representation, then you’re probably wrong. There are a lot of facets that go into judicial proceedings and providing holistic defense that you probably won’t be privy to. In that case, a public defender might seem like the best, most inexpensive option, but, again, you would probably be wrong. Public defenders are overburdened and undercompensated for the job that they do. Their level of investment in your case is going to be minimal at best.

You also have to take into account the penalty for sexual battery in Taylor County. Jail time can be harsh under the right circumstances and registering as a sex offender is something that will stick around with you forever. The length of the jail sentence is often determined by one of the variables listed above. Indeed, if you are a repeat offender and the second offense occurred within five years of your initial release from jail, you may be subject to between 5 years and life in prison. This clearly makes the need for a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Taylor County more pressing.

Stephen G. Cobb is a Taylor County sexual battery attorney as well as a practicing criminal defense lawyer throughout the state of Florida. He has worked with countless individuals throughout his tenure as the founder and head attorney of the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm. If you’re in need, then the Cobb Law Firm can certainly lend you a helping hand.

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