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“Mr. Cobb successfully resolved my case, prior to jury selection, through progressive negotiation with the Prosecuting Attorney. In the end, he provided the Prosecuting Attorney with a written statement that included the salient facts and sequence of the arrest, and a supported argument that the officer in fact had no grounds to arrest me, and therefore I could not be charged with resisting arrest.

Mr. Cobb makes use of a comprehensive four day report, completed by the defendant, to determine the most effective course of action in winning a case. He also provides assistance to the defendant in the form of a self-help material list, and a dress code for court that has been proven to contribute to the outcome.

Mr. Cobb is easy to talk to, and is careful not to belabor points before the judge, and swiftly moves forward. He is one of only a handful of certified Criminal Trial Attorneys in Pensacola – which is why I chose him, having never been in any sort of situation concerning the law, other than one speeding ticket, prior to this event. I would certainly recommend him.”

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Attorney Stephen G. Cobb provides personalized representation for Criminal Defense Cases in FL.