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“I recently moved to Florida and was pulled over and cited for D.U.I. Mr. Cobb represented me in my defense of this charge. I chose Mr. Cobb because of the amount of time he spent discussing my case pro-bono before I ever even became his client. He took time to discuss all of my options and the probability of my successful defense of the charges before I ever committed to him as a client. He was extremely thorough in my defense and completely on top of everything.

Inside the 10-day appeal window, he was able to get me a temporary driving permit so that I could continue driving, which was critical for my work situation. Additionally, I was able to get my license returned to me in full when he successfully appealed to have my stop suppressed. The hearing concluded that the officer did not have sufficient cause for pulling me over and my license was returned.

Although I won this hearing, it has no bearing on the criminal aspect of the case itself. That is a separate part of the process. Although Mr. Cobb had demonstrated his ability to defend me, I could not use the fact that the hearing for reinstating my license had indicated that the officer didn’t have sufficient reason for pulling me over. I wasn’t weaving in traffic, speeding, or any other moving violation. Basically, I was on the road at 4 a.m. with out of state tags in Destin, and that was all that the officer needed to assume I had been drinking.

Because of my strong evidence in suppressing the stop, I was offered several plea bargains and I choose to accept a plea to a lesser charge the day before I was scheduled for trial. This was completely my decision and Mr. Cobb supported me either way I wanted to go on this. I just didn’t think it was worth the gamble and wasn’t in any position to be rolling the dice. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my representation by Mr. Cobb and although I found him to be a fantastic lawyer, I hope that I never require his services again. But I am gladly referring him as a guy who knows the law and will work with you to all ends to win your case.”

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