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“I was falsely accused of a crime that if I had been convicted of I would have been looking at 15 years in prison. Even though I had passed two polygraph tests and had DNA results that proved my innocence, I was still arrested. The judge that had me arrested was not aware of the polygraph test or the DNA results that proved I was innocent. Before I was arrested we were contacted by 2 law firms seeking money. After the arrest this became a high profile case and was in every newspaper and on every radio station within a 100 mile radius.

Even though the prosecuting attorney had 2 polygraph exams, exonerating DNA evidence and records that we were able to obtain proving that the accuser lied, it became clear that the prosecuting attorney would stop at nothing to win their case. In the end Mr. Cobb prevailed and I was found not guilty of the charge.

Not only is he the best attorney I have ever seen, he is the smartest person I have ever met. He conducted himself with professionalism and the highest integrity at all times. Mr. Cobb showed concern for the well being of myself and my family and gave us ways to deal with the stress.

Make no mistake about it, the prosecuting attorney will stop at nothing to convict you and I strongly urge you to have the best legal defense you can get . I believe that is Mr. Cobb!”

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Attorney Stephen G. Cobb provides personalized representation for Criminal Defense Cases in FL.