Stephen G. Cobb - Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer


“Mr. Cobb is a great attorney in Fort Walton Beach, FL. His specialty is criminal defense. He is very cool, calculated, punctual, to the point, and knows what he is talking about. He focuses on his cases one at a time giving attention to detail and does not get caught up in the chaos that many layers do when they try to take on too much at once. Mr. Cobb is very matter of fact and will be the first to tell you that he is not there to make you feel like everything is okay…his job is to get results, and he does his job well. He made no promises and did not care to talk about odds and statistics. It was a fast process and he delivered results. His staff is great and Janice, his assistant is truly a blessing. She will stop at nothing any time of the day to answer a question or provide assistance however she can. If you want an attorney who will tell it like it is, cut to the chase, give your case the time and attention it deserves; who is efficient as well as effective – Stephen Cobb should be at the top of your list. Maybe the ONLY name on your list.”

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Attorney Stephen G. Cobb provides personalized representation for Criminal Defense Cases in FL.