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The offense of robbery involves an individual or group of individuals uses force or the threat of force in order to wrongfully take money or property from another person. The offender must intend to deprive the rightful owner of the money or property—either permanently or temporarily. Robbery suspects may also face additional charges for other alleged unlawful acts that may have occurred in the course of the robbery. Because robbery is considered to be a violent crime, the penalties for any type of robbery charge may be extremely serious. For this reason, it is imperative for anyone who has been arrested on suspicion of robbery to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney with experience in this type of case. Florida criminal defense lawyer Stephen G. Cobb defended a robbery charge in his very first felony jury trial in 1991 as lead counsel. Since then, Mr. Cobb has handled various types of robbery cases, both defending them at trial and settling some with mitigated sentences and reductions in charges. If you are facing any type of robbery charge, call the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm for help today.

Types of Florida robbery charges

There are several different robbery-related charges under Florida criminal laws, all of which carry severe penalties. Some examples of robbery charges in Florida include:

  • First degree robbery—robbery using a firearm or other deadly weapon
  • Second degree robbery—robbery that does not involve a firearm or deadly weapon
  • Robbery by sudden snatching—the victim becomes aware of the taking of their money or property during the act
  • Home invasion robbery—the offender wrongfully enters a dwelling and commits an intentional robbery on the occupants
  • Carjacking—the property taken was a motor vehicle
  • Penalties for robbery


Of course, the penalties for robbery in Florida depend on the exact type of charge you face and the circumstances surrounding your case. Most robbery charges involving a deadly weapon may be charged as first degree felonies, which can carry a potential sentence of life in prison, with often a minimum of ten years in prison offered as an initial plea bargain. Because robbery convictions almost always carry a prison sentence, the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney is vital for anyone facing charges.

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