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Criminal prosecution is a difficult thing to go through especially if you are the defendant in the case. All the pressure is on you and you may not understand what is expected of you in those situations. If you’ve been charged with sexual battery in Wakulla County, there are certain things that you should understand. Perhaps your first order of business should be to find an adequate Wakulla County sexual battery attorney. This is because your other two options will not provide you with a keen insight into the process.

Trying to represent yourself or relying on a public defender might not get you very far in the eyes of the judge. If you represent yourself, you certainly run the risk of self-incrimination. You also run the risk of not having the skillset or the knowledge to adequately defend yourself. A public defender is also risky in that they are often tasked with representing dozens of clients at the same time. Only a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Wakulla County can provide you with the attention to detail that you need.

Another thing that you’ll need is a working knowledge of sexual battery as it pertains to Florida law. Florida’s definition of sexual battery is basically the act of engaging in sexual conduct with another person without their consent. By extension, it can also mean the act of engaging in sexual conduct with a person who is 17 years of age or younger (with or without their consent).

The penalty for sexual battery in Wakulla County can be harsh for some individuals. There are three distinct penalties that you might face if convicted:

  • Prison time
  • Sex offender registration
  • Court costs and fines

Obviously, court costs are an expected part of any criminal proceedings, but they can be financially expensive. The other two, of course, are expensive in decidedly different ways. They also emphasize the necessity for a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Wakulla County. If you don’t want to experience the full brunt of the law, you’re going to need someone who understands the law keenly.

The penalty for sexual battery in Wakulla County can also be influenced by a number of different factors. For instance, a prison term might be longer depending on the age of the victim. Other factors that play a role in sentencing include:

  • The victim’s relationship with the suspect
  • Whether a weapon was used
  • The suspect’s criminal record
  • Whether the victim was handicapped or disabled
  • Whether the suspect drugged the victim
  • Whether the victim was threatened by the suspect
  • Whether the suspect was a member of law enforcement
  • Whether the suspect prohibited resistance from the victim

The potential prison sentence that you might receive can be influenced by any one of these factors. But, you will likely have to register as a sex offender if you are convicted or even if you plead guilty or accept a plea agreement. A Wakulla County sexual battery attorney can help you decide on the right course of action for you.

One such attorney is Stephen Cobb, founder of the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm. He has been working in the state of Florida since 1990 and has seen innumerable criminal cases in that time. This accumulation of experience has given him insight that you won’t find elsewhere. If you need legal representation, then contact the Cobb Law Firm immediately.

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