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Having to face a judge in Washington County is certainly a reality that no one wants to experience. But, sometimes things happen and you might find yourself standing before a judge. A burglary charge in Washington County is something that you shouldn’t take lightly either. Having a Washington County burglary attorney who understands the ins and outs of Florida law and the intricacies of burglary is an important step in the right direction.

This is largely because representing yourself is almost always a futile endeavor. Likewise, relying on a public defender for your legal representation is a veritable grab bag of possibilities. A defense lawyer for burglary in Washington County can help you considerably more than a public defender or even yourself. Of course, this really isn’t something you should leave up to chance anyway.

Definition Of Burglary

Burglary in the state of Florida has somewhat of an interesting definition. It refers to breaking into virtually any structure (whether a residence, business, or even an automobile) with the intent of performing illegal activity. In most cases, the “illegal activity” in question is theft of some kind. The penalty for burglary in Washington County is divided up into three categories:

A third-degree felony burglary charge is the least severe of the three and, of course, a first-degree felony charge is the most severe. Several things go into determining what “degree” of burglary that a defendant might be charged with. The type of structure broken into, whether a deadly weapon was used, whether someone was in the building at the time of the break-in, and whether the offender commits another crime (e.g. assault) during the course of the burglary all play a role in determining the level of the penalty. A defense lawyer for burglary in Washington County can help you get the personalized attention that you case deserves.

In fact, the true reason that you will want to have a Washington County burglary attorney on your team is that they can reduce the potential penalty by leaps and bounds. When you consider that severe cases can cost you up to life in prison and $10,000 in fines, then you really can’t afford to avoid hiring a qualified attorney. Obviously, most cases aren’t going to lead to life imprisonment, but the threat of lengthy prison time and steep fines is a constant. Having an attorney on your side can help lessen the penalty for burglary in Washington County.

One attorney that can help the criminal proceedings go much more smoothly is Stephen G. Cobb. He understands the difficulty inherent in facing criminal charges having worked in the state of Florida as a defense attorney for over 20 years. Cobb founded the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm in 1990 after earning his law degree from Florida State University. He is a native Floridian and has helped clients throughout the state fight a number of different criminal charges (including burglary). His experience is virtually unmatched in the criminal defense world, making him and the Cobb Law Firm ideal choices for anyone facing prosecution in Washington County or throughout the state of Florida.

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