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If facing criminal charges for domestic violence in Washington County, then you need to understand all the implications that that brings. There are several different outcomes that can arise from a charge like this, and it can be confusing to understand. A Washington County domestic violence attorney can certainly help you gain a fuller understanding of the situation.

The Definition Of Domestic Violence In Florida

The reason why domestic violence has such a confusing nature is that it describes a very unique type of violence amongst relatives and people who live in close proximity with one another. It’s often seen in cases of spouse-on-spouse violence or really any violence involving family members. That being said, a domestic violence charge can turn into a more severe charge of assault, battery, or aggravated assault of the alleged victim wants to pursue every prosecutorial end.

Indeed, the basic penalty for domestic violence in Washington County is simply 5 days in county jail. Anyone who has committed any kind of domestic violence must serve at least that amount of time. During those five days, however, the alleged victim may decide to pursue further prosecution, which could result in a much harsher charge of assault or battery. The severity of the penalty is really dependent on what went on during the offense, but it can also be influenced by whether or not the defendant had a restraining order against them or their past history with domestic violence. With a defense lawyer for domestic violence in Washington County, you could make sense of all these variables and how they relate to your case.

The Value Of A Domestic Violence Attorney

The reason that you want to have a Washington County domestic violence attorney is twofold. First, you don’t want to be forced into representing yourself or allowing a public defender to represent you. Both options have major downsides because representing yourself is dangerous for obvious reasons and public defenders simply don’t have the time or wherewithal to represent you completely. So, it doesn’t do a lot of good to choose either of those options because they offer the worst chance of success.

Second, you have to understand that the penalty for domestic violence in Washington County isn’t always going to be a mere five days in county jail. It can turn out to be as much as 15 years in a state prison if you are prosecuted to the fullest extent. The victim may also file a restraining order against you so that you cannot be allowed back into their lives, even if they are a close family member. A proper defense lawyer for domestic violence in Washington County can certainly help with this.

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