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Rule 6-3.5(c)(6), Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, makes it clear that board certification is only for those attorneys who are recognized as having achieved “a level of competence indicating special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in handling the usual matters in the specialty field.

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“Do certification examinations, peer review, and a higher level of continuing legal education make for a better attorney? Most judges would agree that it does. As stated by Florida Supreme Court Justice Charles T. Wells, “I am extremely proud that I received the distinction of certified trial lawyer at the time that certification was first authorized by The Florida Bar. When I was in active trial practice, it was my belief that being certified was important to the Bar and to the public, and that belief has been reinforced since I have served on the Supreme Court. The Bar and the public can have confidence that certified lawyers have met strict standards of peer recognition of their competence and objective testing of their legal knowledge. When I see that a lawyer is certified, I know that he or she earned that upper level or respect. I urge each lawyer to do what is necessary to be certified in the lawyer’s area of practice.” – Judge George W. Maxwell, III

“Certification should be the capstone for a lawyer’s professionalism goals. The character, competence, and commitment that define professionalism also constitute the essential formula for certification. A lawyer who specializes should aspire to become certified as a visible way to demonstrate that lawyer’s commitment to professionalism and excellence. Board certification is reliable proof of the character and commitment that sets a lawyer apart.” – Harry Lee Anstead, Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court

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