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When A Misdemeanor Becomes A Felony?

Drunk driving is a stupid mistake that countless people make every day. It is also a crime whether you get pulled over for it or not. The simple act of putting the key into the ignition while you are impaired by alcohol or drugs can get you a $500 fine, and around six months in jail for a first offense. Everybody knows this, but it doesn’t stop people from doing it every day. And, it does not stop there- many of these drunk drivers will head out and cause accidents that damage property and injure others. These drivers may have taken a simple crime to a first degree misdemeanor or to felony levels and will definitely need the help of Florida drunk driving accident lawyers.

Once you have caused an accident while drunk, you have added more to the charges you already were facing. Do you have adequate insurance? If not you will face additional charges and costs for that. How much damages were caused in the accident? Did someone get hurt, did someone die? The answers to these questions are very important because they will give you a basic indication of the amount of time you could face in jail, the fines and other costs and what category the crime will be placed in. The first thing that Florida drunk driving accident lawyers will do to prepare the case is to gather all of the pertinent facts. It will be explained to you that there are some automatic times for certain conditions, which can be increased by the judge if they so choose. For instance, if your drunk driving accident has caused a death, it can be classified as either a first or second degree felony and will be an automatic minimum of four years in prison.

Florida drunk driving lawyers will work to reduce the amount of jail time and fines that their clients must pay by suggesting treatment, counseling and other options so that the accident can be considered a new start rather than just a chance to punish for their client. Of course, there are many that think that any leniency for drunk drivers is wrong and will protest loudly.

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