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One Stop Therapy:

Solving your loved one’s Florida criminal law legal problem and the problem behavior that caused you to need a Florida criminal lawyer

Does Your Loved One Have A History Of Problem Behavior?

Many of our clients have a history of problem behavior. Their families are frustrated because the person seems to frequently do things that don’t seem to make sense. The person in question isn’t necessarily “crazy” (as in thinking they are Jesus or possessed by aliens) but their behavior has caused problems in several areas of their life, including Florida criminal law. This problem behavior is not caused by some imaginary factor – your loved one probably suffers from a real medical problem.

One Stop Therapy is a program designed by Florida criminal lawyer Stephen G. Cobb after many years of studying people accused of crimes. The goal of One Stop Therapy is simple: Solve the problem behavior that created the Florida criminal law legal problem and solve the legal problem at the same time. NOTE: OST is not a substitute for technical skill in Florida criminal law. Florida criminal lawyers will always need to be on guard to prevent the abuse of government power.

Here is a brief test to see if the person you love fits the One Stop Therapy Program criteria:

UPDATE: We are now using SPECT brain imaging by Amen Clinics, Inc., in addition to neuro-psychological testing. As a result, we are finding that better diagnostic analysis is leading to more effective treatment plans. The Florida state sponsored “cookie cutter” programs are not nearly as effective.

One Stop Therapy: Mental Illness Explained describes what really may be going on in your loved one’s brain: Your loved one may have a brain illness that is very real and requires immediate attention.

UPDATE: We have received many requests about non-profit and sliding scale mental health services providers. For example, in the Pensacola are, the Counseling Center of Lakeview (aka the Lakeview Center) uses a sliding scale for treatment services, but we do not recommend them for diagnostic evaluations at this time.

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