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The “results” section of a lawyer’s website can be misleading. No defense attorney wins every case. Click to select some Major Losses, Split Decisions, a bit a pure damage control and then the outright Dismissals and Not Guilty verdicts:

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Major Losses



Okaloosa County, Felony Murder in the First Degree (Quadruple Homicide): Found GUILTY and sentenced to life in prison on count 1; sentenced to death on counts 2, 3 and 4. Note: taking your criminal defense lawyer’s advice is a good idea.Escambia County, DUI (no blow): GUILTY, maximum sentence of 6 months imposed. Note: if your defense lawyer says “don’t take the stand”, don’t. This (difficult) client had *no* prior criminal history of any kind.
Okaloosa County, Capital Sexual Battery on a Child Under 12 YOA and First Degree Murder: Found GUILTY of Capital Sexual Battery and NOT GUILTY of First Degree Murder. Sentenced to Life in Prison.Okaloosa County, Resisting Arrest without Violence: Ninety (90) days in jail as a condition of probation. Rejected my advice and paid the price.
Okaloosa County, Domestic Violence (Battery): Eleven (11) months and twenty-nine (29) days in county jail. Note: Avoid violations of No Contact orders at all times.

Split Decisions



Santa Rosa County, Aggravated Assault with a Firearm: NOT GUILTY of the felony charge, but GUILTY of Improper Exhibition of a Firearm.Okaloosa County, DUI, possession of marijuana under 20 grams, possession of paraphernalia: Pled as charged to count 1, counts 2 & 3 DISMISSED
Walton County, Second Degree Murder: Found NOT GUILTY of Second Degree Murder, but GUILTY of a Lessor Included Offense (LIO)Walton County, Domestic Violence (battery): DISMISSED after No Contact bond conditions were changed to No Violent Contact earlier.
Santa Rosa County, DUI with serious bodily injuries: REDUCTION from mandatory prison felony charge to a misdemeanor DUI, and then the charge was SUBSTITUTED for Reckless Driving and probation.Okaloosa County, DUI: Substitution of charge for Reckless
Okaloosa County, Sexual Battery: NOT GUILTY of Sexual Battery, GUILTY of misdemeanor Battery

Damage Control



Escambia County, Robbery with a Deadly Weapon: Pled No Contest and received a Downward Departure of probation and thirty (30) days in jail (credit for time served). Another one of our signature damage control methods, brain imaging based sentences that focus on treatment instead of punishment.Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa & Walton Counties, Minor in Possession (MIP): DISMISSED and EXPUNGED. Note: when unrepresented, most charged with this end up with criminal history because they have been fooled into pleading no contest by the wording on the Criminal Summons Citation.
Okaloosa County, Child Pornography, Unlawful use of an Electronic Communications Device: Pled No Contest and was sentenced to Four years of probation. Brain imaging based sentence departure.

Dismissals and Not Guilty Trial Verdicts



Okaloosa County, Felony Violation of Probation (positive drug test): DISMISSEDSanta Rosa County, Domestic Violence (Assault): DISMISSED
Walton County, Domestic Violence by Strangulation: DISMISSEDWalton County, Domestic Violence (battery): DISMISSED after No Contact bond conditions were changed to No Violent Contact earlier.
Santa Rosa County, Vehicular Homicide, Racing on the Highway and Manslaughter: Found NOT GUILTY by jury verdict.Okaloosa County, DUI: Motion for mistrial granted. Retried, NOT GUILTY.
Escambia County, Domestic Violence (Battery): DISMISSED on the morning of trial.
Okaloosa County, Capital Sexual Battery (two counts): Found NOT GUILTY after a trial by an all female jury.Escambia County, DUI (Refusal): NOT GUILTY
Okaloosa County, Aggravated Assault with a Firearm (two counts): Motion for Finding of Legal Incompetence to Stand Trial was granted, and the client is receiving treatment.Okaloosa County, Domestic Violence (Battery): DISMISSED – at the very last moment, right before a FRCP 3.190(c)(4) Motion hearing. Defense of “Mutual Combat” is rarely a C4.
Okaloosa County, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon: DISMISSED during the State’s presentation of case.Walton County, Domestic Violence (battery): DISMISSED after No Contact bond conditions were changed to No Violent Contact earlier.

No prosecution received in a domestic violence case

No Prosecution Received In A Recent Case

No Prosecution

Whatever you or your loved one is charged with, we’ve handled it, and probably several times. Here is a final thought: the only promise your criminal defense lawyer should make is to use their best professional effort because no lawyer can promise an outcome.

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